Once upon a time.

So once upon a time I liked to write. I think I actually sought out classes in high school that had creative writing aspects. And then something happened…
I’m not sure if I got lazy or just found other things too preoccupying, but sometime in college I stopped looking for opportunities to write – and actually looked to avoid classes with too many papers etc. And definitely didn’t seek out any creative writing classes.
Ten (plus) years later and along comes the interwebs. Well, not really. It started a while ago. But along comes my discovery on the internet that a lot of people write…just to write. I had definitely forgotten the joy in that.
So what to write about?
Braindump of topics that seem relevant to my life right now:
– mommyness
– digital
– yoga
– running (not as relevant as I would like it to be)
– New York
So let’s give this a try. We shall call it Mommying in Manhattan.